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KRAL Screw Pumps for Lube Oil Applications.

Gear lubrication pumps for wind turbines.

Operating conditions with different combinations of speed and torque place high demands on gears during wind power generation. Special materials, innovative coating processes, and smooth lubrication ensure optimum operation, even at extremely high pressures and very low speeds. KRAL screw pumps from the K series ensure perfect lubrication for wind turbines.

Lubricating oil transfer pumps and separator supply pumps.

For transfilling and supplying separators with lubricating oil in the motor area, we recommend the KRAL K series three screw pumps. They can be supplied in various versions for horizontal or vertical installation. Their various seal designs make them suitable for all types of lubricating oil.

Main and pre-lubrication pumps in engine power plants.

As lubricating oil pumps (main or pre-lubricating oil pumps), we recommend KRAL screw pumps from the K, C, or Z series according to the respective requirements. Choose between (vertical) in-tank mounted versions for installation inside the tank or dry mount versions for horizontal or vertical installation outside the reservoir.

Lubricating oil pumps for reduction gears.

For the lubrication of reduction gears, which are required to adjust the speed between gas turbines and generators, we especially recommend the KRAL K (for low pressures), L (for medium pressures), or C (for high pressures) series three screw pumps.

Lubricating oil pumps for bearings of generators/water turbines.

As main and emergency pumps for lubricating the bearings of turbines and generators, we recommend KRAL screw pumps from the K series. These are cost-effective, very compact, and ideally suited for operation at pressures of up to 16 bar.

Further application examples.

  • Delivery and circulation of lubricants.
  • Increasing pressure and circulation in lubrication systems.
  • Supplying lubrication oil for large diesel engines.
  • Lubrication pumping for gears, motors, turbines and hydraulic systems.
  • Lubrication pump for plant facilities.
  • Cool lubricant pump for machine tools.
  • Compressor lubrication.

Product recommendations.

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