• schraubenspindelpumpen für öl und gas eisberg hintergrund

KRAL Screw Pumps for Oil and Gas.

The Reliable Partner for Global Players in the Oil and Gas Industry.

We manufacture high quality positive displacement pumps with excellent intake capabilities and low pulsation transmission. We offer pumps constructed to conform with API designed for the oil and gas industry. Worldwide there are about 3.5 billion tonnes of oil at various stages to be transported to end users annually. 

KRAL screw pumps are used as cargo and transfer pumps, circulation pumps and lubricating oil pumps as well as waste pumps, loading and unloading pumps and booster pumps. KRAL pumps can handle clean, non-abrasive, low and high viscosity media such as lubricating oil, separated crude oil, fuel oil and bitumen as well as aggressive and contaminated liquids such as crude oil and petrol.

Oil and gas application examples.

KRAL screw pumps according to API 676.

Product recommendations for oil and gas.

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