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KRAL Screw Pumps for Fuel Applications.

Schraubenspindelpumpe/durchflussmesstechnik marine Transfer and supply pumps. For transfer tasks and as pumps for supplying separators, boilers, and booster modules with heating oil and diesel, we recommend the three screw pumps from KRAL’s K…

KRAL flowmeters OMP series.

Materials.Housing: Spheroidal graphite iron.Screws: Nitrided steel.Bearings: Hybrid ball bearings.Sealing: FKM, other seal materials upon request. Technical data OMP-13…

KRAL Display and Processing Unit.

durchflussmesstechniken anzeige und auswerteelektronik abgestimmt Self-diagnostic and monitoring. The flow and temperature ranges of the flowmeters are stored in the electronics and if values are exceeded, then the alarms are displayed. A…

KRAL Processing Unit Smart Solution

 Up to 32 Smart Solution processing units. 32 Smart Solution processing units can be switched in series and thus save a multitude of cabling and their installation in comparison to…

KRAL Display and Processing Unit BEM 200 for Flowmeters.

Technical data BEM 200 Description   One-channel type. Display rate, total, accumulated total. Power supply   10-30 V DC …

KRAL Display and Processing Unit BEM 300.

Simple connection and integration.Clear, legible display.Simple menu structure and handling.Detection of flow direction; return flow calculation and flow rate compensation. …

KRAL Display and Processing Unit BEM 500.

However, the BEM 500 can do much more: In addition to the flow rate, two temperature inputs are also available. The respective sensors are installed directly in the flowmeters. With the measured…

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