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KRAL Screw Pumps for Hydraulic Applications.

Hydraulic pumps for thermal power plants.

As a hydraulic pump for medium pressures, the L series is also a robust, low-wear, and cost-effective solution. For particularly high differential pressures, we recommend the W series.

Hydraulic pumps for hydropower plants.

The KRAL three screw pumps from the C series (as high-pressure pumps up to 100 bar) or the W series (for particularly high differential pressures) are particularly suitable as pump systems for supplying the hydraulics that control water turbine guide wheels under a wide variety of flow conditions.

Jacking pumps.

KRAL W series three screw pumps are also a reliable solution for lifting the rotor and generator shafts when starting a turbine. They allow a fast pressure increase up to 120 bar. The pumps can be supplied in submerged in-tank or outside tank dry mount as required.

Adjustment pumps for wind turbines.

To increase generator efficiency in various weather scenarios, depending on the system requirements, we recommend the KRAL L or C series three screw pumps for hydraulic adjustment of wind turbine rotors.


Further application examples.

  • Rudder adjustment.
  • Propeller blade adjustment.
  • Providing service for hydraulic drives.
  • Raising turbine bearings.
  • Hydraulic pump for plant facilities.

Product recommendations.

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