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KRAL Screw Pumps for Fuel Applications.

Transfer and supply pumps.

For transfer tasks and as pumps for supplying separators, boilers, and booster modules with heating oil and diesel, we recommend the three screw pumps from KRAL’s K series. The K series is cost-effective, highly compact, and ideally suited for operation at a pressure of up to 16 bar. It also offers many detail possibilities and can be delivered within a short time to suit any system.

Feed and booster pumps for heating oil modules.

KRAL K series three screw pumps are also the preferred choice for use as feed and booster pumps for heating oil supply modules. Our pumps from the K series are designed for a temperature range up to +180 °C. For liquids with temperatures up to +300 °C, the version with magnetic coupling is used. KRAL magnetic couplings are hermetically sealed and require no maintenance. The pumps can also be supplied as single or double stations.


Further application examples.

  • Pumping of diesel and HFO.
  • Delivery and circulation of fuel.
  • Supplying fuel for diesel engines.

Product recommendations.

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