Robust and precise.
KRAL Volumeter for Flow Measurement.

KRAL flow measurement technology
KRAL flowmeters and electronics.

Our flowmeters with the trade mark KRAL Volumeter combine the otherwise mutually exclusive properties of robustness and precision.

For over 20 years, our products have satisfied a wide range of customer requirements. These qualities provide extra security in the decision making process.

KRAL flowmeters measures the flow of liquids. KRAL is the first choice when it comes to measuring anything from low-viscosity liquids like petrol, acids and alkalis to high-viscosity liquids such as printing inks and bitumen.

Measurement accuracy.

The precision of the measurement is unmatched: The KRAL flowmeter is accurate to ± 0.1% of rate over a wide flow and viscosity range. The repeatability is better than ± 0.01%. The long working life and stability over time show that robustness and precision are not mutually exclusive.

The measuring principe.

The KRAL flowmeter is a very compact positive displacement meter. The measurement chamber consists of the casing and two screw spindles. The spindles continuously divide the liquid in a precision made closed measuring- chamber – nothing escapes. The precisely measured value is calculated from the known measuring- chambervolume and the spindle rotation speed.

Silent operation.

Other flowmeter technologies can produce noise levels as high as 100 dBA, requiring ear protection for operating personnel. In comparison the KRAL flowmeter is barely audible.

Understandable measuring technology.

The measurement values are calculated understandably and accurately. The liquid flow drives the spindles. Pole wheels generate impulses in the sensor. Each pulse from the sensor represents a precisely calibrated volume.


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