KRAL Display and Processing Unit BEM 200.

Local display, easy and compact.

The KRAL display and processing unit BEM 200 has a microprocessor for displaying the values of flow rate, total and accumulated total local.

BEM 200 is used in single-line measurements for displaying the flow rate and the total value (resettable and continuous).

Your advantages.

  • Local mounting on KRAL flowmeters OME | OMP series.
  • Simple handling.
  • Good legibility through LCD.
  • Analog output 4 – 20mA (flow rate); pulse output for forming sum.
  • All settings are stored and will not be lost in the event of power failure.
  • Technical data
    Technical data BEM 200
    Description   One-channel type. Display rate, total, accumulated total.
    Power supply   10-30 V DC
    Operating temperature   -20 bis +70 °C
    Storage temperature   -20 bis +80 °C
    Mounting   Mounting on flowmeter, wall mounting.
    Dimensions   93 x 93 x 60 mm
    Degree of protection   IP65
    Material   Plastic
    Mass   0.25 Kg
    Sensor type   PNP, Push-Pull, NAMUR
    Sensor supply   10-30 V DC
    Frequency   4 kHz NAMUR
    Operation and electronics    
    Display   LCD (UV-resistant), 2 lines, 7 characters, different symbols and units
    Keyboard   Micro-Switch keys (UV-resistant keypad)
    Pulse output    
    Frequency maximum   1 output with 100 Hz
    NEW - Analog output   4-20 mA
  • Operating instructions