Investments in the Future.

Aid from the European Regional Development Fund.

KRAL continues to invest in automation and digitisation.

At its headquarters in Lustenau with around 250 employees, KRAL GmbH – the Vorarlberg specialist in pumps and flow measurement technology – produces innovative systems that are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries.

The company, whose export quota is over 97 per cent, ensures its long-term competitiveness and innovation are maintained at an international level through ongoing extensive investment, and simultaneously strengthens its position as a model company and important employer in the region.

KRAL’s focus of investment over the next few years will be on automation and digitisation. In light of this, KRAL recently commissioned Servus Intralogistics to set up an innovative transport system for internal logistics, as well as an automated small parts warehouse. The associated warehouse management system for controlling the Servus system is supplied by MIA Systems.

In addition, two new machining centres, a turn mill centre and a multi-level system will be acquired. The contract for the first two machine types was awarded to machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI Austria. The multi-level system will be supplied by Fastems. It essentially serves to optimise machine utilisation and batch sizes, as well as to increase flexibility in the area of production. In addition, KRAL is investing in the advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system TopSolid7, which is supplied and maintained by software service provider CADAM Solutions.

The aforementioned investments have a volume of approx. €7 million. The scheme will be realised step by step during production.

The project is being co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Further information on IWB/ERDF can be found at