KRAL Services for Maintenance.

Increase the durability of your KRAL products and play it safe.
KRAL Services Team anytime and anywhere around the world.
Advice and expertise.
assistance in installation and commissioning.

Each KRAL product is tested at our in-house test facility prior to dispatch. According certificates confirm error-free functionality.

Play it safe and have your KRAL products serviced by us regularly. Our service technicians are happy to come to your location and ensure optimum operation. This increases the durability. Unexpected standstills are prevented.

KRAL Volumeter are the most exact displacement meters in the world. We are making sure that it stays that way.

In many fields of application, there are high requirements on the measurement precision of KRAL flowmeters. According to customer request, accredited calibration can be carried out at our headquarters in Lustenau, Austria. Factory calibration is KRAL standard. Calibrated flowmeters which are accredited comply with the requirements of ISO IEC EN 17025.

KRAL Volumeter are fundamentally maintenance-free. However, despite the robust design, Volumeter, as mechanical meters, are also subject to a certain wear as time passes. In order to maintain the high degree of precision, KRAL recommends carrying out the first recalibration after about one year of operation in order to ensure the technical functionality. Further specifications can be made in your quality management system. The results of the recalibration will reveal if wear has started on the measuring unit.

The interval at which recalibration is actually required depends heavily on the operating conditions of the device. Under favorable conditions, no significant change in the characteristics could be established, even after years of use in many cases.

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