Imperial Saves Money with Eco-Pilot.

For the first time, the KRAL fuel consumption measurement system has been installed on a German ship operating on inland waterways.

With a roar, the heavy MaK-Diesel comes to life – the hum of 1,800 horsepower fills the machine room of the Imperial Gas 84, a 16 year old tanker. The mid-speed engine requires 47.5 gallons of fuel or more per hour when traveling against the current at top speed. “Though on average, the engine is only running under a load of 30 to 40 percent,” says Gerhard Horst, inspector with Imperial Shipping, Europe’s largest shipping company. That means economic inefficiency and excess consumption. In the future, consumption measurement should help to markedly bring costs down.

The 360 ft long gas tanker spent a total of four weeks undergoing class refurbishment at the Deutz shipyard in Cologne (KSD), which is located on the east dock at the Cologne-Mülheim harbor. The to do list included more than 100 individual entries. In addition to the usual steel work and restoration, all of the pipework, tanks and electronics were checked, and the engine and gear were overhauled. “We were able to do most of the work ourselves,” said KSD engineer Frank Hebel. “For the more specialized tasks, we worked together with expert companies.” The installation of the flowmeter (Volumeter) from KRAL was one of the smaller jobs on the list. It was simply attached to the existing fuel lines. “That was quick and no problem for us to take care of,” said Hebel.


This article is part 4 in our series on the fuel consumption measurement with Eco-Pilot.


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