KRAL Flowmeters Series OMX.

Custom design flowmeters.
KRAL Volumeter in special fabrications for flow measurement for non standard applications
KRAL flowmeters are displacement meters.

The OMX of KRAL flowmeters are special fabrications to perform measuring tasks that are outside the standard requirements.

KRAL has designed the OMX flowmeter for use on oilrigs for a static system pressure of up to 9,137 psi. Special material requirements and temperature ranges are other examples available for the OMX KRAL flowmeter product line.

Your advantages:

  • Special designs and fabrication accommodated.
      • High accuracy.
      • Robust design.
      • No flow conditioning required.
      • Easy Installation and operation.
      • Follows any rapid fluctuations in the flow causes by pulsations.
      • Bi-directional flow measurement.
      • Multiple port connection available.


Details are available upon request.

KRAL Flowmeters and Electronic Units



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