KRAL Flowmeters Series OMK.

Chemically resistant flowmeters.
KRAL Volumeter for chemical services.
KRAL flowmeters are displacement meters.

In selecting a flowmeter there is always the question of material compatibility. New liquids arrive on the market all the time, also the composition of existing liquids change. Environmental regulations can change the composition and determine how liquids are to be used. KRAL uses highly chemical resistant materials in the OMK series of KRAL flowmeters. As a service to the customers, KRAL will contact liquid suppliers directly to ensure material compatibility.

The KRAL flowmeter OMK is a positive-displacement flowmeter. Because of this principle they measure accurately in a wide range of viscosity, density and flow rate.

Your advantages:

  • Chemical resistance.
    • Robust design.
    • No flow conditioning required.
    • Easy Installation and operation.
    • Bi-directional flow measurement.
    • Multiple port configurations available.
KRAL Flowmeters and Electronic Units




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