KRAL Electronic Units for Flowmeters.

Electronic units that are coordinated to KRAL flowmeters.
KRAL electronic for flowmeter devices.

Users of conventional universal display units often cannot make use of their device’s options. There is often a lack of functions that are important for special applications.

KRAL electronic units aid in the performance of the KRAL flowmeters. The high quality electronic componentsand evaluation algorithms used, maintain precisely measured flow values to be shown on the display as well as the signal outputs.

Perfect Operation, informative Display.

A display unit must supply the required information and assure accurate operation. The electronics always display the measured flow values with their units. The display is clear and very easy to read. There is a choice of four languages. KRAL sets up the units, the calibration factors and the density tables to meet customer specifications. If you need to make changes, an easy to follow menu is available including configuration software for PCs. Contrast and brightness are adjustable.

Data Evaluation, Signal forwarding.

KRAL provides special PC software for data capture, storage and evaluation as an option. Immediate data analysis allows instant result of set-up and installation. Universal signal forwarding includes scalable analog and pulse outputs, as well as a Modbus RTU interface. Additional displays can be connected for remote indication.

Self-diagnostic and Monitoring.

The flow and temperature ranges of the flowmeters are stored in the electronics and if values are exceeded then the alarms are displayed. A bypass relay can be activated using flow rate limit value. The function of the temperature sensors is monitored. Knowing the temperature, the flow volume, the flow direction and the consumption assures the integrity of the installation.


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