Solutions for Cylinder Lubricating Oil Measurement.

KRAL cylinder lubricating oil measurement for 2-stroke engines.
The KRAL cylinder lubricating oil measurement enables the measurement of the injection quantity for the first time.

Lubricating oil is significantly more expensive than fuel. It not only lubricates the cylinders, it also protects them against corrosion and sedimentation with the help of additives. The additives make lubricating oil expensive. Operating costs rise when too much lubricating oil is injected. The spectrum for setting the lubricating oil quantity extends from mechanically assisted injection systems to computercontrolled systems. The injection quantity throughout the entire load area often doesn‘t agree with the injection quantities programmed in the controlled system. Only measuring offers information that ist not provided by any control system. The KRAL cylinder lubricating oil measurement fills this gap and enables highly precise measurement.

Avoid engine damage.

Too much lubricating oil damages pistons and cylinders. Lubricating oil contains additives for protection against corrosion and sedimentation. Too much lubrication can result in additive deposits between the piston rings. Piston rings can break. That‘s expensive. With the KRAL lubricating oil measurement, the operator receives correct measuring values. The injection quantity can be set exactly with this information. That prevents engine damage.

Take fuel quality into account.

The quantity of lube oil depends upon the sulfur content of the fuel. When combusted, sulfur reacts to become sulfur dioxide, which, through sulfur trioxide in combination with water, has a strongly corrosive effect and attacks the cylinder liner. After each bunkering it must be tested whether the sulfur content has changed in comparison to the previously used fuel. In case that the fuel is different, the lubricating oil quantity must be adjusted. Engine manufacturers provide operators with aids, for example, setting tables. The KRAL lubricating oil measurement shows whether the manufacturer specifications are actually being achieved.

The best possible measurement precision is extremely important.

Due to the interaction of the actions of a number of injectors, the lubricating oil flow in the supply flow is not constant, but rather chaotic. This is a difficult measuring task that encompasses strong flow fluctuations and periodic backflows. With some injection systems, the lubricating oil also serves as servo oil for the operation of the injectors.

The injectors cause strong pulsations and backflows.

The movement of the injection pistons cause pulsations and considerable backflow quantities in the oil flow as a consequence (see graphic). In addition, the cylinders of the engine are supplied with varying lubricant quantities at different times. The oil flow is anything but constant. Difficult in terms of measuring is that the lubricating oil quantity to be measured is far less than the total flow quantity dominated by the servo oil demand. Because a considerable part of the lubricating oil is directed back from the injector to a reserve tank, the consumption measurement is only successful as a differential measurement of two measuring values in the case of systems with a ring line.

Lubricating oil measurement over the course of a day. The measurement error in comparison to the level measurement converges toward zero.

In addition to this, backflows must be recognized and subtracted for a current measurement value. The temperature in the oil tank can be significantly less than in the injectors close to the hot engine. This means that density differences of the cylinder oil at the two measuring points must also be taken into account. KRAL Volumeter are highly precise flowmeters (see graphic). They function equally in both flow directions. They are equipped with a sensor that recognizes the rotation direction of the screws and with a temperature sensor. They therefore take into account the special properties of the oil flow and deliver exact measurement results.

Your advantages:

  • Highly precise lubricating oil measurement.
  • Save money (lubricating oil).
  • Avoid engine damage.
  • Take fuel quality into account.
  • The best possible measurement precision.

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