Do you Hear it? Neither do we! Screw Pump versus Gear Pump.

The volume is a crucial difference.

Screw pumps convey liquids much more quietly than gear pumps.
Because noise is annoying in many situations, and in some it can even be harmful to health.

What other differences are there? We are often asked this question.

Here is a summary of the most important ones for you:

Screw pumps.Gear pumps.
Media-friendly pumping even at high speed.
➔ Highly efficient.
The squeezing can damage the liquid. For this reason, gear pumps are usually only operated at low speed.
➔ Underperforming. Inefficient.
Low-pulsation, continuous delivery.
➔ Smooth and quiet operation.
Due to the pulsations, homogeneous conveying is not possible.
➔ It vibrates and is loud.
Minimal wear due to constant flow rates.
➔ System components are protected.
➔ Long service life and low cost.
Unbalanced forces increase wear.
➔ System components are damaged.
➔ High costs arise.

Screw pumps convey liquids with different qualities and viscosities.
This makes them flexible to use – in many different applications.

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